How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

  1. First, cleanse and condition with Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner, make fine hair appear thicker.
  2. Prep hair by spraying on Brilliant Damage Control to protect from thermal damage and reduce breakage.
  3. Separate the hair into sections and spray Volumizing Tonic at the roots for extra lift.
  4. Set blow-dryer to high heat and high speed and rough-dry hair using a nozzle attachment.
  5. For maximum volume, section hair again, starting at the nape of the neck. Then pull a brush through the hair underneath while following with the blow-dryer nozzle from above.
  6. Set hair with big Velcro rollers. Spray with Air Control Hair Spray to hold volume.
  7. Blow-dry on high heat and low speed to set the style.
  8. Once hair is cool, remove rollers and puff in Pure Abundance Hair Potion at the crown. Brush through with an Aveda Paddle Brush.
  9. Finish with Air Control Hair Spray for flexible hold.

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